My Favorite Website

My favorite website is a clothing store called White House Black Market

white house

I like shopping at this clothing store. I will usually go to their website to see what new and what‘s on sale. When I find something, I like I will call the nearest store to see if they have the item. If they do I will go to the store to  get it and if they don’t I will order the items online. I would rather go to the store and get it because I like to try things on before I buy them. If I do have to order the item online because I am a gold member I get free shipping on orders and 5 % off every purchase. Another good thing about this ordering online is that if I do not like it I can just go to the nearest store and return it. Some stores make you send it back through the mail if you want to return an item, and this can be a hassle. I like clothes and fashions, so I visit the White House Black Market website about 2 to 3 days a week.I also receive their catalog, and I like the catalog because there are usually coupons in it.

The 30th Annual Students Awards Dinner

I attended the 30th Annual Students Award Dinner at St. Kate‘s on Monday March 9th. When I arrived at 5:30 I participated in the Speed Networking. This was my first time doing a Speed Networking, so I was not sure what to expect. It was very interesting. I was able to talk to many different people from a variety of companies. I was given advice and was able to learn a little bit about the company. There was one piece of advice that was given by Debbie Lance the Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Wahlstrom and the was ” Speak Up andmake sure you show the organization you work for that you add valueit‘s funny because my current Manager is always saying the same thingmake sure you add value “.

After the Speed Networking was over, we proceeded to the dining hall for dinner and the awards. Your seat was already chosen for your I was sitting with some wonderful Katie’s, two of them I had not met before and two of them I already knew from other classes. It was nice to catch up with the two the two Katie’s I already knew and to get to know the two I did not.The food that was served was good. However, they did run out of chicken, and the other option was Tofu, which I do not like but the salad, rice and dessert were splendid. After dinner the awards started and to my surprise Nancy Johnson and professor I had a year ago for a class came and sat down at our table I had not seen Nancy in quite some time, so it was nice to catch up with her as well. The entire evening was very nice and I enjoyed myself but the best part of the night was the keynote speaker Deb Heuer, she inspired me , she spoke a lot about ” goalsand the St.Kate’s mission statement . Because Deb was a single mother raising a son, going to school she faced a lot of the same challenges that some of the current students at St.Kates also face ,so this helped me to realize that my goals are attainable as well


My Guitar



I have many favorite things.My new favorite thing would have to be my new guitar. I have always wanted to learn to play the guitarWhen I was about 22 years old I heard the song Yellow Leadbetter by Pearl Jam and I knew after hearing the guitar in the song that I wanted to learn to play . After over twenty years, I finally decided to buy and learn to. I love music, and I am so happy that I finally decided to buy and learn to the guitar. . I also started taking lessons that have actually helped because the guitar is not very easy to play .What I love about playing guitar is when I get stressed or I am having a bad day, I pick up my guitar and play it and it helps me relax and forget about the bad day I was having, and it puts me in an excellent mood. I know this will not be easy but as we all know nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Caron Perfume


I don’t have a favorite magazine, so I choose this 1938 Caron Perfume ad from Getty images. I don’t like perfume, and I have never heard of Caron ( probably because it’s from 1938). I choose this ad because I like black and white photos of the woman from this era. This picture reminded me of women like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. I like the way women looked in this era. They weren’t 100 pounds like the women models we see now. They were beautiful full figured woman. Maybe it‘s because a lot of the photos you see of women like Audrey were black and white pictures, but there is something about them that are so different and beautiful than the pictures you see of woman today .Society has made women think you need to be 100 lbs., 5’9 and have long blonde hair to be considered beautiful in today. There was recently a discussion about the new Sports Illustrated swim suit model, and the magazine said they put a plus-size model on the in the magazine. I see the photo , are you kidding me? Did you see her? She is a size 10, and there are calling her plus size. What is society coming to, no wonder so many of the young ladies today think they are fat.